The Ireland Funds Great Britain Grant Round 2021

8th March, 2021 : Great Britain

The Ireland Funds Great Britain Grant Round 2021

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This year, more than any other year, we have seen the charities we support in Great Britain and Ireland step up in an exceptional way.

They have gone above and beyond to deliver much needed services to their communities – at a time when their resources are limited and their ability to fundraise has been severely restricted. We have been in awe of what they have been able to do. These outstanding charities have been innovative and creative in their response to the pandemic. They have worked tirelessly to care for the vulnerable, to keep the isolated connected and to deliver food and supplies to those most in need.

Thanks to our donors and supporters who came forward when the need was greatest, The Ireland Funds Great Britain (IFGB) has been able to play a significant part in helping these charities to deliver for the vulnerable communities they serve.

This year, our Annual Grant Round will fund 19 remarkable organisations working to make a difference in the following priority areas:

  • Digital inclusion
  • Tackling social isolation
  • Elderly services
  • Support for arts and culture
  • Mental health support
  • Youth engagement