Spring / Summer 2015

14th June, 2015

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AsIAm.ie has now seen thousands of visitors and has become the premiere resource for those with autism and their families. The Ireland Funds are assisting AsIAm with a grant to help rollout an awareness program about Autism in Irish schools.
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BUMBLEance is a state-of-the-art ambulance designed to safely transport Ireland’s sickest children and their families to medical treatments while providing a warm and entertaining environment.
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Business to Arts
Business to Arts is a membership-based non-profit, developing and supporting partnership between businesses, individuals and arts organizations. They believe that the creativity of the arts and the acumen of the business community enhance each other and help drive world-class performance in Ireland.
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Children’s Rights Alliance
Children’s Rights Alliance educates and provides information on children’s rights in addition to identifying problems and developing solutions. They encourage Government and parliamentarians to put children first.
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Concern Debates
Based in Ireland, Concern is an international humanitarian organization dedicated to tackling poverty and suffering in the world’s poorest countries.
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Irish Georgian Society
In the heart of Dublin is a truly unique example of Irish Georgian architecture: The City Assembly House. Long neglected, it was acquired by the Irish Georgian Society (IGS) and a campaign has been launched to fully restore it by 2016.
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Irish Youth Foundation
The Irish Youth Foundation has been working since 1985 to address the needs of Ireland’s children living in at-risk environments. They support numerous grassroots projects across the island of Ireland that help young people who are facing adversity in their lives.
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Research has shown that set dancing can be more beneficial than standard physiotherapy, particularly in dealing with symptoms such as Freezing Gait, Balance and Motor Disability. Irish set dancing was discovered to be beneficial for people with Parkinson’s by Dr. Daniele Volpe, an Italian neurologist, while in Ireland in 2010.
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The Learning Hub in Limerick
In a disadvantaged area of Limerick where some neighborhoods see only 6% of young people progress to university education, instilling a love of learning is key. The Ireland Funds have recently supported the Science Hub by funding a Science Coordinator position.
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The Irish Wheelchair Association
Services range from assisted living, transport, housing, employment and rehabilitative training for independence. Active in every county in Ireland, the Irish Wheelchair Association also provide youth services, recreational opportunities, and accessible holidays for carers and people with physical disabilities and their families.
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The Washington Ireland Program
For more than two decades, the Washington-Ireland Program (WIP) has engaged emerging student leaders from across the island of Ireland in a visionary leadership-building program.
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