Make a Lasting Gift to The Ireland Funds

The Benefits of Making a Lasting Gift to The Ireland Funds
Our long-standing presence in Ireland allows us to offer the following range of benefits and services to those setting up Donor Advised Funds with us: Flexible Giving Through a Donor Advised Fund.
We tailor your Donor Advised Fund to meet your philanthropic ambitions. As your philanthropic goals may change over time, The Ireland Funds provides you with the flexibility to alter your fund options at any time you wish.

Administration & Professional Staff
The Ireland Funds takes responsibility for all administration in managing your fund, giving you the freedom to focus on your giving. The staff of The Ireland Funds are available to work professionally and confidentially with you in creating your philanthropic legacy. You will be invited for a consultation with a staff member when setting up your Donor Advised Fund, and, if requested, a philanthropic investment portfolio will be developed based on your areas of interest. As requested, The Ireland Funds will compile data on need areas to assist you in selecting projects for funding.

Connecting with your Charities
Site visits to your selected charities can be arranged by our staff. Updates and project evaluations will also be developed for donors quarterly or as requested.
Membership to the Donor Network of Worldwide Funds.
Those setting up Donor Advised Funds with The Ireland Funds will be invited to participate in our annual conference and our events around the world, as well as having access to our 40,000 supporters from wide range professional backgrounds.

Tax Benefits
When you create a Donor Advised Fund at The Ireland Funds, all the relevant tax benefits arise, as The Ireland Funds is an approved body for the purposes of section 848A of the Taxes Consolidation Act 1997. In addition, you save the cost of establishing and administering a private foundation, and legal fees.
When you make a gift to The Ireland Funds, you have enormous flexibility in determining how the gift will be used, as well as many tax-efficient options for making your gift.

Cash Gifts
One of the most efficient and popular ways of realising your philanthropic interests is through giving a tax-effective cash gift to The Ireland Funds. This form of giving enables you to provide any level of support. Cash donations may either be designated for a particular charity or area of interest, or may be designated as an unrestricted gift.You can make a secure gift online.

Gift of Shares
Tax relief is possible for gifts of €250 or more of publicly-quoted shares to The Ireland Funds. Those giving gifts of publicly quoted shares have to choose between an income tax relief or capital gains tax relief.

Donor Advised Funds
Donor Advised Funds are excellent giving vehicles for those who wish to participate actively in the grant making process. With a Donor Advised Fund, you retain the right to serve as an advisor, making grant recommendations for consideration by our Board of Directors. A Donor Advised Fund at The Ireland Funds gives you the greatest giving flexibility and maximum tax benefits without the burden of administrative details.

A donation from your will is another way of lending significant support to The Ireland Funds. Your gift, whether it is money or property, provides lasting support while providing tax benefits to your estate. You can make a provision in your will for a gift to The Ireland Funds. Leaving a gift to The Ireland Funds in your will is your opportunity to make a tangible and lasting gift to the island of Ireland and it builds a bridge between the past and the future, helping ensure the charities you value today will continue to make a difference tomorrow.

Giving Circles
A Giving Circle is formed when individuals come together and pool their funds, decide together where to give the money (and perhaps volunteer time or expertise) and learn together about their community and philanthropy. The Ireland Funds is a medium through which Giving Circles can be developed and facilitated. What may be too costly for one to accomplish may be feasible if several join together. Giving Circles of women, entrepreneurs and others united around a philanthropic interest are increasingly common.

Gift of Life Insurance
Donations of life insurance in Ireland allow you to make a significant donation down the road by making modest contributions now. By purchasing a new life policy and naming The Ireland Funds as the beneficiary, the premiums paid will be recognised as a charitable gift and you will be eligible to receive tax benefits. Alternatively, by donating an existing policy, you will earn a current income tax deduction.

Charitable Gift Annuities
With a Charitable Gift Annuity, you can receive a lifetime income from it and following your death, the unused portion of the gift remains with The Ireland Funds as a permanent fund to support charitable purposes already chosen by you.

Charitable Remainder Trust
This is a legal document set up with The Ireland Funds, in which you can transfer property to a trust that pays you or another beneficiary a fixed or variable income for a fixed amount of time. When the trust expires, the remainder is used to establish a permanent fund with The Ireland Funds in your name with distributions directed in the ways which you have chosen.

Gift Pledges
The Ireland Funds welcomes your gift through a pledge, which is a formal statement of intention to make a gift to The Ireland Funds. With a pledge, you may complete your gift by making regular payments over time, allowing you to give more generously than you originally may have considered. Each payment on your pledge is eligible for an income-tax charitable deduction. Most pledges begin with an initial donation, with the balance paid at specific times.

For advice in relation to tax planning, we recommend you consult a professional tax advisor to ensure you can maximise your generosity to The Ireland Funds.

The Ireland Funds is a registered charity in Ireland, charity number 10798.

For more information on making a lasting gift to The Ireland Funds please contact
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