10th October, 2012

Young Leaders support Kids In the Kitchen 2012

On Wednesday October 10th,  The Ireland Fund Young Leaders gathered for a night of cooking and fun in support of Kids In the Kitchen!

40 Young Leaders gathered at the Cooks Academy, Dublin at 6pm for some precooking cocktails and a team quiz to test their culinary prowess, before rolling up their sleeves and diving into an ambitious 3 course meal.

4 teams were assigned the task of making the appetizers and main course, while the other 4 made the main and the dessert. It was a great opportunity for members and guests to interact and really show off–or perhaps attempt to hone their culinary skills!

All teams did an amazing job, preparing cooking and cleaning up after themselves and, when the hard work was done, they got to finally enjoy the fruits of their culinary labour!

While the Young Leaders enjoyed their meal, Victoria Mackechnie, of Kids in the Kitchen, spoke about how she teaches children the practical skills they need to make healthy meals, and how that work would not be possible if not for the funding they have received through The Ireland Funds Grant Round. The Young Leaders not only had a chance to gain some insight into the skills and lessons the children experience through Victoria’s programme, they also got to learn more about a programme we are so proud to support.

Thank you to Victoria for a great lesson and to Cooks Academy for generously hosting us in such an incredible venue!