Thursday, November 3, 2022

The WineGeese Society Fall Dinner 2022

Guests at The Ireland Funds WineGeese Society Fall Wine Pairing Dinner had a lovely evening celebrating food, friendship and, of course, wine.

Kevin Curley, Chair of the WineGeese Society and Board Director of The Ireland Funds America, hosted the event at Fearing’s Wine Room in the Ritz Carlton Dallas to promote the upcoming trip to The Loire Valley in June 2023.

Guests were greeted with a glass of Pierre Sparr Brut Rosé from Alscace, France. The other wines served were: Pichot Vouvray, Loire, France, 2020; Couly-Dutheil Clos De L’Echo Chinon, Loire, France, 2017; and they ended the evening with Clos Du Bourg, Vouvray Demi Sec, Loire, France, 2016. Throughout the evening, the delicious food offerings of Chef Dean Fearing along with the informative and entertaining commentary by Sommelier Paul Bottamer provided excellent pairings with the wines chosen to highlight the Loire Valley in advance of the 5-day trip scheduled next summer.

For more information about the WineGeese Society’s upcoming trip to the Loire Valley, please follow the link below.

The WineGeese Society – Loire Valley, France 2023

** All activities are funded by The Ireland Funds WineGeese Society members.

Photos: Chris Rusanowsky


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