20th May, 2011

The 14th Annual Texas Irish American Cup Challenge

The 14th Texas Irish American Shootout was concluded in brilliant sunshine before a large crowd gathered on the veranda of Northwood Club.  The shootout was shortened this year due to a two hour rain delay.  Nick Gallagher and John Kennedy from the Irish made the only par 4 on #17 to represent the Irish.  Americans Marc Lyons and Ryan Hanratty’s bogey on #17 was good enough to represent the Americans.  On #18 after both teams hit tee shots down the middle John Kennedy’s second shot caught a tree and fell into the water fronting #18 green.  For the Americans Marc Lyon’s second shot found the green and the Americans made a nice 2 putt par to secure the victory for the Americans.  Congratulations to Ryan and Marc for their exciting victory! The count now stands at 8 to 6 to the Americans.

A total of 5 teams started the Celtic Shootout on the Par 3 ninth hole.  The teams of Mike Burress and Chris Elliott, along with Chip Carter and Charlie Martin Jr were able to get their ball up and down and advanced to the final hole by splitting pars on the 9th.  Charlie Martin’s birdie putt secured the victory in the Celtic Shootout for Martin and Carter!

Following the traditional “March of the Green Jackets” to the Wearin’ O’ The Green Chairman Waymon thanked all volunteers and participants specially Michelle Anderson and Page Tucker for their outstanding work and commitment to the tournament.  Sue Hesseltine, Executive Director of our local Irish-related charity Pauline’s Place, gratefully accepted the monies raised by the Heads-n-Tails game. Special thanks to Niall O’Connor of Apple who, at the request of Dallas committee member Bill Sullivan, donated the prize of the latest iPad.  We also wish to extend a very grateful thanks to North & West Coast Links Golf, Dermott Doran, the Kennedy brothers, and Aer Lingus who helped with the Irish golf trip, Jim Gray of Jim’s Travel Link for his splendid Manhattan package, Susan Morrice for again giving her Belize estate, and John Fitzpatrick for his support of the event even though circumstances in Ireland prevented his attendance.