Friday, October 23, 2020

Texas WineGeese Society Celebration 2020

The WineGeese Society Gather to Uncork New Wines from Triple N Ranch Winery

WineGeese Motto: From Wine what Wondrous Friendship Springs

October 23, 2020: Twenty guests enjoyed a beautiful evening under the Texas stars at The Ireland Funds WineGeese Society “Outdoor Autumn Wine Pairing” hosted by Kevin Curley, Chairman of The Ireland Funds WineGeese Society and National Board Director of The Ireland Funds America.

The event, a fundraiser for The Ireland Funds, was kicked off with a welcome from Texas Director, Darina Padian who thanked Kevin Curley, for hosting the event and his commitment to The Ireland Funds. Additionally, Padian thanked guests for their “longstanding partnership and kind generosity in support of our mission.” She highlighted The Ireland Funds $8.5 million grant contribution to support the work of 138 organizations in 2020 thus far. She also expressed how fortunate it was to be able to gather together at a safe distance during these extraordinary times. Curley also welcomed guests and shared stories of past WineGeese tours of vineyards around the globe. Furthermore, he acknowledged Dr. Bernard Bradley’s generous past gift to The Ireland Funds and raised a toast in honor of his memory. His brother, Dr. Vincent Bradley and his wife, Dr. Susan Bradley, seated at Curley’s table, were pleased to share in the special recognition.

The evening was replete with various wines from the Triple N Ranch Winery – a recently established winery owned by Michelle and Richard, M.D., Anderson, long-time friends and supporters of The Ireland Funds. Michael McClendon, the winemaker and enologist who partnered with the Andersons, spoke about each wine and its pairing with the dishes served. The meal was expertly prepared by Chef Conor Curley who meticulously planned and executed the gourmet four-course dinner. April Bosworth Designs styled the table settings and centerpieces. Exquisite desserts were prepared by Serafina Otten. Pianist, Bach Norwood, provided perfectly paired music to accompany the food, wine, storytelling, and conversations.

Tom Codd, National Board Director of The Ireland Funds America, proposed a toast to Mike Corboy who played the important “twist of fate” role in the creation of The Ireland Funds WineGeese Society. Additionally, John Tillotson, past Chairman of the Society, showed the claret jug gifted to him from personal antique collection of Ted Murphy, author of A Kingdom of Wine. Additionally, Tillotson toasted past Texas Director, Netta Blanchard who also played a crucial role in the creation of the Society. During Irish coffees, Darina thanked everyone for their support and for attending the wine pairing. In return, everybody at the intimate affair expressed how nice it was to be out for a memorable evening during these trying times.

To learn more about The WineGeese Society and wine trips past and future, please email Jane McCarter O’Dowd, and visit our website at The Ireland Funds WineGeese Society


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