16th March, 2012

St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon – St. John’s

The St. Patrick’s Day lunches in 2012 were a huge success.

The festivities got underway on March 9th in Toronto and the jury is
still out on whether St. John’s or Ottawa events closed out the party on
March 16th.

Over 1600 people toasted St. Patrick in what was for sure the largest and longest St. Patrick’s Day lunch in the world.

Guests were entertained by traditional Irish music and dance while
enjoying fabulous food and some of Canada’s and Ireland’s best beer,
wine and spirits.

Proceeds from the luncheon will support projects across Canada and
throughout Ireland that are focused on preserving Irish culture and
strengthening community development and supporting peace and

A very special thanks to our sponsors Diageo, Quinn Pubs, Heart and
Crown, Tourism Ireland, Royal Irish Tours, PMA Canada, Corby’s, BFL
Canada, Sakto, Bank of Montreal and TD Bank.