27th August, 2014

San Francisco Young Leaders SF Giants Irish Heritage Night 2014

The San Francisco Young Leaders rallied enthusiastically at a pre-game reception on Wednesday, August 27th before the Giants took on the Colorado Rockies at AT&T Park.  This annual baseball bash began with beers and buzzing conversation at Pete’s Tavern before the group headed over to the Park for Irish Heritage Night, donning special caps in honor of the occasion.  The Giants went on to soundly defeat the Rockies 4-2, made all the more exciting when Buster Posey brought out the biggest cheers of the night as he hit a home run in the ninth inning, Posey’s second career walk-off homer. Surely the luck of the Irish ignited this thrilling win!

San Francisco Young Leaders Chair Mike McGrath brought along a bunch of friends including Erin Mc Carthy, Meghan McNamara and Kyle Basso.  Caoimhe and Eoghan Harney were joined by Ashleigh Hall who was visiting from Dublin, and met LJ Prendergast, Anne McEntee and Jake Malanoski.  Ivan Harrow was there and was joined by Fergus Hurley, Jeremiah O’Shea and Garrett O’Donoghue.  Always great to see Jackie Durant and Mark Muldowney, along with Denise Tormey, Sinead Devine and Keara Fallon.  It was a fun gathering!

West Coast Director Marjorie Muldowney welcomed this warm and friendly group, including Vice Consul Kevin Byrne, and spoke of the significant role the Young Leaders will play in Ireland’s future.  Many Young Leaders are already supporting our Promising Ireland Campaign and have expressed a desire to get involved philanthropically with many other AIF endeavors.  Committee Member Ian Casey fired everyone up with an update on the Global 5K which will be held on Saturday, October 4th with the final stage of the race wrapping up in San Francisco at The Presidio.  As a result, a band of supporters has pledged to participate by running, securing sponsors and volunteering on race day.  Do join us!

We encourage all San Francisco Young Leaders to join the SFYL Society and keep updated on future get-togethers.