19th April, 2012

New York Women’s Group 2012

The American Ireland Fund Women’s Group is a society dedicated to supporting the goals of The American Ireland Fund while celebrating the political, philanthropic and creative achievements of women of the Irish diaspora.

The AIF Woman’s Group gathered on Thursday, April 19th to launch Wise Irish Women, a book that brings together the voices of thirty- six women with deep ties to Ireland and their stories covering everything from Irish charm, Irish luck, Irish love of family and Irish passion.  The authors of the book are Patricia O’Connor Kagerer and Laura Prentergast Gordon.  However, one of the thirty-six stories in the book was told by international best seller and keynote speaker for the evening, Mary Higgins Clark, who has deep Irish roots.  The evening was hosted in Lily O’Brien’s Café near Bryant Park in New York where guests enjoyed delicious luxurious Lily O’Brien’s Irish chocolates.  

Chairman, Loretta Brennan Glucksman warmly welcomed Mary Higgins Clark, complimenting her not only the wonderful books she has written but also about the clarity and force with which she tells her stories.  
Mary, who was born and raised in the Bronx is a world-wide bestselling author with over 80 million copies in the US alone.  Two of her novels have been made into feature films and many of her other works and short stories have been made into television productions.  Mary always aspired to be a writer.  After pursuing her career as a secretary, later in advertising and as a stewardess on Pan American Airlines international, she entered Fordham University and graduated with a B.A in philosophy and later completed a writing course in NYU.  Mary has many renowned Literary Awards and has eighteen honorary doctorates. 

Mary shared her experiences growing up and her own story with the group- one of aspiration and inspiration.  Mary credits her storytelling to her Irish heritage and always has an Irish character in each book that she relates to.
Mary’s unique Irish spirit and humor charmed the guests and she is a tribute to the Irish diaspora for her creative achievements.

For more information on the book, please visit www.wiseirishwomen.com