Saturday, July 28, 2018

Nantucket Celebration 2018

On Saturday, July 28, 2018, The Ireland Funds welcomed over 160 supporters and friends to its 29th annual Nantucket Celebration hosted by Bill & Beth Scannell. Despite a good dose of Irish weather, the party went on and guests were welcomed into a beautiful backyard tent. The night had new and old friends enjoying stories, great Irish spirit, “Spanky’s” raw bar and the Scannell’s hospitality in the ambience of their beautiful summer home.

Steve Greeley, The Ireland Funds’ New England Director and Vice President of Development, welcomed all who attended and thanked the event Chairmen Bob & Laura Reynolds, Bob and Paula Butler, and George Albrecht. He also thanked the guests for their generosity, and National Board Directors Ambassador Elizabeth Frawley Bagley, Anne Finucane, Leslie King Grenier, Jack Manning, Bill McKiernan and Bob Reynolds for their leadership and service as members of the Board. Steve then introduced hosts Bill & Beth Scannell who welcomed the crowd to their home.

Worldwide President and CEO of The Ireland Funds Kieran McLoughlin then spoke about economic conditions in Ireland and the continued importance and relevance of The Ireland Funds’ work across the island of Ireland. In particular, Kieran noted the recent expansion of Music Generation, Ireland’s national music program, made possible by support from U2, the Irish Government, The Ireland Funds and Bank of America.

Kieran then introduced Anne Finucane who in turn, introduced the event’s Honorees: Bart Grenier & Leslie King Grenier. Anne lauded Bart and Leslie for their ongoing support of The Ireland Funds’ mission. Leslie then thanked Anne on their behalf and spoke to those gathered saying, “It has succeeded beyond our wildest dreams… so many amazing personalities who have attended and supported this event. During my years at The Ireland Funds I have met Princes, Presidents, Princesses, movie stars and moguls… but the most important thing to me is that The Ireland Funds is and will always be, a family.”

Then, the lively Irish party found a new gear and the evening continued … another great Nantucket Celebration.

Photos: Cary Tozer Photography


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