Tuesday 4 April 2017

Belfast – Leadership Series with Mark Pollock 2017

The Leadership Series began in Belfast with an inspiring talk from previous Ireland Funds Spirit of Ireland awardee, Mark Pollock.

Mark is known as a true and genuine leader, a competitor, explorer, adventurer, and pioneer. He spoke about his personal journey when, after going blind in in 1998, he went on to compete in ultra-endurance races across deserts, mountains, and the polar ice caps including being the first blind person to race to the South Pole. His fortitude has also earned him silver and bronze medals in rowing at the Commonwealth Games.

He explained how in 2010 he was left paralysed after falling from a second story window, and he was forced to make a personal choice to meet the challenge that lay ahead of him. He is now exploring the frontiers of spinal cord injury recovery combining an innovative electrical stimulator over his spinal cord and a drug super-charging his nervous system, whilst walking hundreds of thousands of steps in his Ekso Bionics robotic legs.

Mark left The Ireland Funds Young Leaders with the message that sometimes the ‘challenge chooses you’ and that you have to meet it. A true inspiration and a shining light of leadership, Mark’s talk gave the Young Leaders real advice for life.

Thank you to Mark Pollock, our host Davy in Belfast and all who attended.

For further information on the Belfast Young Leaders or the Leadership Series, contact Siobhán Gallagher, Director at sgallagher@irelandfunds.org


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