10th June, 2009

Inaugural Gallery Circle

The Philadelphia Chapter held its inaugural Gallery Circle event with forty guests attending a recreation of the famous dinner party from the James Joyce short story “The Dead.”

The Plough and the Stars restaurant hosted the event and 40 people enjoyed being a part of the story. Music, dancing, the wait staff in period costumes, dramatic readings, vocal solos and a backdrop of scenes from John Huston’s 1940 film version provided the festive atmosphere.

Guests enjoyed the full menu from the story including goose, peppered beef, ham, and floury potatoes with decorative vases of celery, plates of figs and nuts and a pyramid of oranges and apples.

Sponsorship from Diageo provided for Guinness, Smithwick’s and Bushmills. Special thanks to Pat Laphen, Frank Lamont and Greg Gillespie for serving as the heads of table and showing their skills at carving the roast goose. Austin McGrath, one of The Plough’s owners, provided a wonderful delivery of Gabriel’s speech and Philadelphia actor Greg Wood’s final song “It’s snowing on the Living and the Dead” supplied the musical entertainment for a rare June snow storm in keeping with the tale.

The evening closed with the band’s lively rendition of “The Wild Rover,” with plenty of help from the guests.