Great Britain – Post Global 5K Lunch Celebration 2021

The Ireland Funds Great Britain Young Leaders and friends gathered to refuel and refresh after completing the Remote Global 5K.

The sun shone down on Homeboy Battersea’s terrace, which was the perfect location for this lunch celebration. Attendees enjoyed the best of ‘modern Irish hospitality’ at the award-winning Homeboy Bar, led by Irish entrepreneurs (and Young Leaders!), Ciarán Smith and Aaron Wall. Named in the Top 4 Best New International Cocktail Bars in the World 2019 and rated Top 10 Best International Cocktail Bars Europe 2020, Homeboy Bar promises home comforts with a healthy dose of Irish flavour.

The beautiful sun filled day was an opportunity for longstanding friends of The Ireland Funds as well as newer faces to come together and support the mission of The Ireland Funds.

Photographer – Noel Mullen


Gemma Moynihan

Fundraising and Operations Coordinator

The Ireland Funds Great Britain

Level 17, Dashwood House, 69 Old Broad Street, London EC2M 1QS UK

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