Wednesday 27 November 2019

Great Britain – London Leadership Series with Caroline McAteer 2019

Caroline McAteer is a PR mastermind having worked, initially, in the music industry representing the Spice Girls before moving into the world of sports PR representing David Beckham. In person, her demeanor is calm and measured. Her company’s client base glitters with some of footballs biggest names with one of her most recent signings being one of football’s most celebrated talents, Cristiano Ronaldo. Our Young Leaders were delighted to have an opportunity to hear her share some of her experiences and her journey in leadership at our most recent Global Leadership Series session held at Darby’s London.

Caroline provided fascinating insights into her exceptional career representing some of the world’s most celebrated sports personalities and spoke of the challenging nature of crisis and reputational management. She also touched on her passion for ‘giving back’ and the enjoyment she gets out of working on her client’s charitable initiatives.

The Q&A was wide-ranging covering topics such as the importance of authenticity on social media, the generational gap between the ‘young’ (digital) and ‘old’ (print) media, the changing nature of public perception and the role of law in protecting sports figures.

Photographer: Noel Mullen


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