7th November, 2012

Dallas Leadership Series Speaker 2012

Mark A. Wynne
Vice President & Senior Economist

Research Department

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

AIF North Texas Regional Board member, Andy Welch, recently hosted a Leadership Forum Breakfast in the Founders' Room of the Dallas Country Club. The speaker was Dr. Mark Wynne of the Dallas Federal Reserve. Dr. Wynne is a native of Dublin and has been at the Dallas Federal Reserve for the past 15 years. He currently serves as Vice President and Senior Economist.

Dr. Wynne spoke to the group about the current euro crisis and its specific impact on Ireland as well as prospects for recovery and sustainability. His comments and insights were well received, with a very strong Q&A exchange following his remarks. At the close of the event,

AIF National Board Member and North Texas Regional Board Chairman, Tom Codd, presented Dr. Wynne with a signed copy of “A Kingdom of Wine: A Celebration of Ireland’s Winegeese” by Dr. Ted Murphy, Honorary Chairman of The Ireland Funds’ WineGeese Society.