16th May, 2015

Dallas Bennett Estate Party Honoring Irish Golfers & Sponsors 2015

Bennett Dinner Honoring Irish Golfers and Sponsors
May 16, 2015

This gathering just gets better every year! Gracious hosts June and Archie Bennett welcomed people to their stunning castle home in Dallas. Newcomers journeyed down into the dungeon below the house for their first peak at the most stunning and unusual architectural feature. Veteran Bennett party goers stayed above ground to enjoy the company of good friends, old and new.

A private presentation was made from Tommy Gallagher and the Irish golfers to June and Archie in appreciation for the generosity which the Bennett’s continue to show the Irish contingent annually. June Bennett received a yellow orchid set in a stunning silver ice bucket vase, while Archie gladly accepted a magnum of 2010 Silver Oak Napa Valley cabernet, signed by David Duncan, president of Silver Oaks, an outstanding WineGeese vineyard. As committed members of The American Ireland Fund WineGeese Society, the Bennett’s expressed particularly great pleasure in this gift.

The evening’s special guests included Caroline Rose Hunt, Robert Brackbill, Vicki and Dulany Howland, John and Chris McKay, Pat and Jay Trungale, and Bobbie Sue and Dr. Phil Williams.