22nd October, 2013

Dallas – Leadership Forum Breakfast with John Fitzgerald of UCC

October 22, 2013 AIF National Board Director and Regional Advisory Board Chairman, Tom Codd hosted a Leadership Forum event at the Dallas Petroleum Club featuring John FitzGerald of University College Cork for a discussion of The Atlas of the Great Irish Famine, of which Mr. FitzGerald is the Commissioning Editor.  Those in attendance, including AIF Board Director Don Hanratty, were fascinated by Mr. FitzGerald’s presentation which focused on a new understanding of the causes and long term effects of the Great Famine and debunking many myths and misunderstandings related to the these matters.

According to the award-winning publication, “The Great Famine is possibly the most pivotal experience in modern Irish history; its global reach and implications cannot be underestimated.” Winner of the Best Irish Published Book in 2012, Atlas of the Great Irish Famine is unique in its fascinating concentration on maps, both pre-existing and those created specifically for the book, to tell the story of the Famine and its legacy.