Monday 26 March 2018

China – Croi na Cladaig – From the Woods to the Water 2018

Date : Monday 26 March 2018

Venue : Fringe Club

Location : 2 Lower Albert Road, Central, Hong Kong (Exit D, Central MTR Station)

Time : 6:00PM - 8:00PM

<strong>Claddagh Boatman </strong><strong>克拉達船夫</strong>

Ċroi na Ċladaiġ – From the Woods to the Water, a documentary by Tony Walsh

The Claddagh Boatmen are the custodians of the Galway Hooker, the iconic fishing vessel of the West of Ireland. For the first time, the Boatmen will travel to Hong Kong and Macau to share their unique skills, experience and passion. They will spend time with the students in the Sea School in Stanley, meet with counterparts in Macau and screen a documentary on their work.

《克拉達之心-從原木打造的海上傳奇》是由Tony Walsh執導的紀錄片。高威漁船(又名克拉達之心)是西愛爾蘭最重要的標誌之一,由克拉達船夫守護。今年我們首次誠摯邀請了數位克拉達船夫來到香港及澳門,分享他們獨特的造船技藝和對其至上的熱情。他們會在香港航海學校與學生分享,亦會與澳門同胞會面,共同欣賞這齣紀錄片。

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