29th June, 2016

Boston Young Leaders Summer Social 2016

On June 29th, 180 of Boston’s spirited Young Leaders celebrated summer at the beautiful Bostonia Public House, owned by supporter Dave Greaney. This was the largest and most successful Social in Boston Young Leader history.

Glasses were raised to toast the St. Patrick’s Celebration Committee and the event’s Chairman Amy Koch Flynn and her three Vice Chairmen Terence Connell, Mike Greeley and Aengus McAllister, whose efforts set a new Boston Young Leaders fundraising record. Steve Greeley, The American Ireland Fund New England Director and VP of Major Gifts, thanked everyone for their hard work on the event that exceeded all expectations while maintaining its reputation as Boston’s best St. Patrick’s Celebration. He also reported on the 40th anniversary of The Ireland Funds Worldwide Conference recently held in Dublin and his visits to several critical projects there funded by The Ireland Funds.

In a suitably memorable closing to a celebrated night, Young Leader Aengus McAllister sang a brilliant rendition of “The Fields of Athenry” capturing the attention of the room and bringing Ireland a little closer to the gathering.

Thank you to Summer Social Committee: Mike Byrne, Colleen Carney, Ryan Connolly, Cathleen Connors, TJ Crutchfield, Ellen Donovan, Clancy Galgay, Anne Geraghty, Rebecca Greeley, Josh Harrell, Kelsey Johnson, Justin Kelly, Shannon McAllister, Rowan McFeely, Blake McLaughlin, Carolyn Molloy, Chris Steele, Daria Sullivan and Steve Sypek.