Wednesday 29 April 2020

Australia – Young Leaders Online Charity Bootcamp 2020

Bright and early this morning a keen group of Young Leaders gathered together (virtually) for a little bit of fitness fun with an online charity bootcamp, led by PT Caroline McDonald from Outright Change Fitness, who generously donated her time.

It was a great session which got our bodies moving and the blood pumping, well done and thank you to everyone who joined.

Here’s the workout for you to try at home, it was a nostalgic nod to Italia ’90 where Ireland beat Italy to get into the quarter finals!

Warm Up (2min)

“Put ‘Em Under Pressure” circuit

4 Rounds (45 work : 15 rest)

  1. Prisoner Squat
  2. Cross Reverse Lunge
  3. Push Up + Reach
  4. Sky Diver
  5. Single Leg Hip Hinge
  6. Wood Chop
  7. Climb The Rope 

Rest 30 secs in between rounds

Plus some core work to finish!

We even had a little fun with our outfits, with everyone donning a hint of Irish.

We had such a good morning that we would love to keep this fitness journey going. Outright Change Fitness has amazingly offered 3 additional weekly sessions for a special Young Leader Online Bootcamp for $30 ($10 per session) running for the next three Wednesdays, with all funds raised going directly to The Ireland Funds Australia to help us continue to support projects in need and provide hope and education to vulnerable people across the island of Ireland and here in Australia.


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