30th July, 2014

An event Honoring John J. Sweeney 2014

Date : 30th July, 2014

An event honoring

John J. Sweeney

President Emeritus, AFL-CIO • Chairman, AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust

The AFL-CIO, the AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust, and the American Labor community will host a reception honoring the life and work of John J. Sweeney, President Emeritus of the AFL-CIO. We hope
you will join us in making this a memorable evening.

When: July 30, 2014, 5:00 – 7:30 pm
Where: AFL-CIO, 815 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC

All proceeds from the event will help endow the John J. Sweeney Scholarship at the University of Ulster in Northe Ireland. In honor of Mr. Sweeney’s lifelong commitment to working people and the cause of freedom in Northe Ireland, the scholarship will be available to American students with a personal or family union connection. The John J. Sweeney Scholarship is being created in conjunction with the newly endowed John Hume and Thomas P. O’Neill Chair in Peace at the University of Ulster. Mr. Hume is recognized worldwide as one of the greatest peace-makers of his generation. Mr. O’Neill, son of a union bricklayer, served 34 years in the U.S. House of Representatives, 10 of those years as a distinguished Speaker of the House. Both of these men believed in the power of collective action to achieve social and economic justice – values embraced by the labor movement and advanced by the work of Mr. Sweeney throughout his career.

At the reception, the AFL-CIO will recognize Mr. Sweeney’s lifelong advocacy for working Americans, culminating with his work as President of the AFL-CIO. At the AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust, Mr. Sweeney is the only Trustee to serve on the boards of both the HIT and its predecessor fund, with 33 years of combined service. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka will present Mr. Sweeney with the George Meany–Lane Kirkland Worker Rights Lifetime Achievement Award. In addition, the University of Ulster will recognize Mr. Sweeney at the event with the Inteational Conflict Research Institute (INCORE) Global Peace and Social Justice Award in recognition of his advocacy for peace and justice in Northe Ireland.

Event Chairs

James Boland, President, Inteational Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftsworkers

Steve Coyle, Chief Executive Officer, AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust

Thomas P. O’Neill, III, Chief Executive Officer, O’Neill & Associates


Platanam (Platinum) Sponsorship: $15,000
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Aergead (Silver) Sponsorship: $5,000
Umha (Bronze) Sponsorship: $2,500
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