8 10 12 14 16 9 11 13 15 17 connect 2018 • 90 connect 2018 • 90 1 Global Young Leaders at Capitol Hill 2 Conor Curley, Hugh Gibbons, Ciara Hickey, John Fitzpatrick, Dan Healy 3 Will Reeve 4 Global Young Leaders in the Smithsonian 5 L-R Backrow: Meredith Flynn, Tom Kennedy, Will Reeve. Frontrow: David Shine, Abbey Canning 6 Angela Moore 7 Christy McCallion, Megan Molloy, Mary O’Kennedy 8 Jack O’Meara, Kelsey Fraser, Kaitlin Schiele, John McCarthy, Matthew Wholey 9 Leslie McDonough, Caoimhe Connolly, Colleen Connolly, Catherine Hughes 10 Rory Godson, Shaun Kelly, Gene McQuade, Angela Moore, Bart Murphy 11 Jim McCann, Meredith Merrill 12 Katie Curley, Susan Davis, Tara McCabe 13 Claire Tighe 14 Media Panel: Susan Davis, Hadas Gold, Olivia Nuzzi, Suzanne Lynch, Tom Fitzgerald 15 Norman Houston 16 Niamh Parker, Mairead O’Brien, Aisling O’Leary 17 John McCarthy, Olivia Nuzzi, John Fitzpatrick 18 Backrow: Steve Pedlow, Diarmuid Moroney, James, Beesley, Frontrow: Claire Thornhill, Joanne Kearney 19 Lisa Kearns, Anne Murtagh 20 Shaun Kelly, and Young Leaders 21 Grainne Barron, Conor Houston, Angela Moore 22 John Fitzpatrick, Michael Kelly 23 Young Leaders at Uber 24 Michael Kelly, Chris Matthews 25 LJ Prendergast, Ian Casey, Grainne Barron, Ciara Hickey 26 Ambassador Dan Mulhall, Sarah Lyden, Patrick Lyden 27 The Ryder Cup of Bowling