BLUE BOX What Makes Blue Box Unique? The Blue Box is the only charity in Ireland and Europe that has dedicated its resources to child psychotherapy with family support. Since 1997, The Blue Box has worked with the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children and youth in Limerick, using Creative Arts Therapy as a primary intervention response in over 16 DEIS (disadvantaged) schools, as well as with social services referrals. It is the only charity to offer: • Direct treatment through Creative Arts Therapy to children/youth in need of services • A complete and comprehensive evaluation framework that supports the child, the family/school and the Therapist in a professional, transparent, responsive and dynamic structure. • Affordable, adaptive and accessible services through the school environment. The Blue Box Presence in Schools supported by The Ireland Funds: • Reaches families that cannot avail of outside services and are therefore marginalized and are high priority • Supports teachers and principals to be more effective in their mission of education • Has designed an evaluative framework that holds accountability to the service users and stakeholders • Is the first organization to develop Creative Arts Therapy services in Ireland for children in schools and social work connect 2018 • 24