connect 2017 • 76 connect 2018 • 76 AROUND THE WORLD AUSTRALIA connect 2018 • 76 Inspired by Jim Stynes’ Reach Foundation of Melbourne, Soar provides workshops to young people aged 12-18 across the island of Ireland when they are at a transitional period in their lives. Our support this year will assist Soar to: • Provide 70 Facilitators and 45 Youth Crew • Reach approximately 62,000 teenagers by 2020 • Provide a generation of young people with opportunities to improve well-being Photo: Pauline Rowan Suas partners with disadvantaged schools across Ireland to deliver literacy support to 8 to 14 year olds who are struggling with reading and writing – the building blocks of almost all future achievements. Since 2012 they have provided measurable improve- ments for over 4,000 students. Our continued support, including that of the Australian Young Leaders, will assist 2,820 children to: • Improve their literacy & numeracy skills • Reduce school dropout numbers and gain confidence Integrate My School, Integrated Education Fund Today only 7% of schools are integrated in Northern Ireland, despite polls showing 80% support for integration. The Ireland Funds Australia are very proud to be a part of the next important step in the IE movement, transformation. With Liam Neeson’s high profile involvement, our aim is to vastly improve the awareness rate, through the IEF's Integrate My School campaign, a one-stop-shop digital platform for parents containing: • Succinct explanation of the simple process of transformation • Ability to register schools online Trinity Business School and The Ireland Funds Australia Partnership Officially launched by the Governor-General of Australia, Sir Peter Cosgrove in September 2017, the partnership enables: • 20 scholarship places by 2020 • 4 scholarships per year for Australian residents • First intake September 2019 2018 PROJECTS SUPPORTED BY THE IRELAND FUNDS AUSTRALIA AUSTRALIANEWS Pioneered by Trinity College Dublin and part of a global network, Science Gallery Melbourne aims to engage young adults through the collision of arts and science to prepare for the estimated 75% of future jobs requiring STEM qualifications. Together with The Ireland Funds Australia two vocational programs have been developed: • Indigenous cadetship: where a young Australian will join the team in a paid role developing professional skills, as well as travelling to Dublin for work experience at Trinity College. • Regional schools outreach: where a class of students from disadvantaged areas in Victoria and Dublin will travel to their respective Science Gallery to spend a day on campus. Australian Indigenous Education Foundation is a private sector led non-profit organisation focused on empowering Indigenous children to build a future through quality education and careers at Australian schools, universities and companies. The partnership between AIEF and The Ireland Funds Australia means 80 scholarship places by 2020. To date the AIEF has: • More than 95% of alumni engaged in career pathways • Funded around one third of all scholarship places for Indigenous boarders • Consistently achieved a retention and Year 12 completion rate of more than 90% The GO Foundation was founded by former Sydney Swans AFL players Adam Goodes and Michael O'Loughlin. With around 85% of Indigenous students in public schools GO are playing a vital role in making the education of young Indigenous Australians a more fulfilling and enjoyable experience and is proudly supported by the Australian Young Leaders’ fundraising efforts. The GO Foundation public school scholarships provide: • Financial assistance for educational needs, equipment and learning support • Access to the broader GO Ecosystem, providing a network of support • Cultural mentoring and corporate mentoring • Transition support from school to university • Employment and internship pathways