connect 2018 • 81 SINGAPORE AROUND THE WORLD The Ireland Funds Singapore has supported the Singapore Gaelic Lions GAA Club (SGL) and St. Patrick’s Secondary School since 2015 in helping both to create awareness of Ireland’s rich cultural & sporting heritage. So far 400+ Secondary Level 1 & 2 pupils participated in week long Gaelic football skill and coaching sessions and to further the reach and deliverability of this initiative, The Ireland Funds Singapore recently supported a week-long trip to Ireland by 5 Singapore PE teachers who were hosted by the Connacht Council (CC) of the GAA in Co. Mayo. The objectives of the program were for the teachers to be a) introduced to GAA & Gaelic football culture in Ireland, b) learn how to coach the basic skills, c) create and build Gaelic football teaching resources for teachers in Singapore schools so that all pupils could learn the skills of the game. The group landed in Claremorris, Co. Mayo on Sunday June 17th and were met by Peter O’Brien Co- Chairperson SGL who also travelled to act a liaison for the trip. The CC hosted the group that afternoon at Dr Hyde Park in Roscommon for the Provincial U-20 and Senior Football Finals. The Senior final was a closely contested game but Galway managed to win by 0-16 to 0-12. Both finals were highly competitive and of high quality which provided great advertisements for the game of Gaelic football and the GAA. The group also traveled to Dublin to meet Pat Daly, Global Head of Games at the GAA and discussed sport in Education matters with him. They were given a tour of Croke Park, the home of the GAA. It was proudly noticed that the logo of the Singapore Gaelic Lions displayed at the entrance to the Croke Park museum. “We will now begin to spread Gaelic Football to Singapore students and further their awareness of all things Irish and Ireland,” said Eric Lee, Principal of St Patrick’s School. The Ireland Funds Singapore Grant: An Introduction to the GAA 1 3 2 1 Indrajit Singh, Abdul Nasir, Irfan Ismail, John Tobin, Irwan Wijaya, Peter O'Brien 2 Irfan Ismail, Glynne Chiu, Abdul Nasir, Indrajit Singh, Irwan Wijaya 3 Indrajit Singh, Irwan Wijaya, Pat Daly, Irfan Ismail, Glynne Chiu