“I feel happier now. I can stand up to my sister and I don’t cry anymore when I can’t see my Mum in the house. I could talk about my feelings in the sessions and I feel stronger.” - Client, 9 years old “I would describe some children just walking around with a clenched fist in their chest. Blue Box unlocks something in them that otherwise would just be frustratingly locked. Because of trauma they have experienced, they can never open, they can never really discover who they are, they can never reach their full potential. But Blue Box gives them the opportunity to tap into that potential to be their full self.” - Principal “I can talk to my Blue Box music therapist. I’m listened to and my therapist understands me—she gets me.” - Client, 14 years old Thanks to the Donors of The Ireland Funds, Blue Box was able to offer 141 sessions overall to 56 children in 2017/18. connect 2018 • 25 The Transformation of Clodagh Age 9* Clodagh was often a witness to domestic violence and substance misuse in her unstable home-life. She came to Blue Box excessively anxious and fearful. Subject to unregulated emotions and angry outbursts she was hyper-vigilant and challenged in engaging in play and developing trust. Slowly, she became engaged in art-making and became more expressive as sessions progressed. Her creative engagement expressed her family trauma and lack of security and stability. Clodagh began to develop trust for her therapist and to incorporate more varied themes. After ongoing therapy with Blue Box, Clodagh now has developed a sense of security and began to explore referral issues symbolically with her therapist. Today she has decreased her angry outbursts, is less nervous and timid and regularly demonstrates happiness and confidence * (names have been changed)