“As CEO of CMRF Crumlin I would like to extend thanks to The Ireland Funds, and our supporters. Thank you for sharing our vision that every sick child deserves every chance, and for making an impact for children’s health today, tomorrow and forever.” — LISA-NICOLE DUNNE, CEO OF CMRF CRUMLIN connect 2018 • 7 "With support from The Ireland Funds, our Parent Child Home Program (PCHP), an innovative, home based literacy and parenting program, has helped hundreds of parents to develop the confidence and skills to support their children’s language, literacy and numeracy development." — DR. JOSEPHINE BLEACH, DIRECTOR, EARLY LEARNING INITIATIVE AT THE NATIONAL COLLEGE OF IRELAND “When we made our funding application for support from The Ireland Funds we were clear in our focus. By supporting the very best charities committed to transparency accountability and delivering impact we would help drive this sector forward. And that has been our strategy ever since. Without the support of The Ireland Funds, this road map would not have been possible.” — LUCY MASTERSON, CEO, CHARITIES INSTITUTE IRELAND