b'In 2023, we worked with our donors to achieve their philanthropic goals with great impact. Our teams understanding of needs and how philanthropy can make a difference across Ireland is unparalleled. This expertise enables us to tailor plans with donors, giving them the freedom to focus on their areas of interest. The following are just a few examples of the ways The Ireland Funds partnered with donors to make gifts to Donor Advised Gifts the causes most important to them.NATIVE WOODLAND TRUST Native Woodland Trust is dedicated to the preservation of Irelands remaining ancient woodlands. They are committed to ecosystem restoration through the re-creation of woodlands, using only native seed. IMPACT:A donor-advised gift in 2023 increased the capacity of the Trust to manage and protect thousands of trees across Ireland over the next three years.BARNARDOS Barnardos transforms the lives of children whose well-being is at risk by working in partnership with them, their families, and their communities. Over 20,000 children and families receive services each year.IMPACT:In 2023, donor-advised gifts supported vulnerable children, helping them to achieve their developmental, social, and educational milestones.PHOENIX EDUCATION CENTRE The Phoenix Education Centre provides mentoring, support, and education opportunities for people in East Belfast to promote improved educational and training outcomes. IMPACT:A donor-advised gift in 2023 supported the Centres running costs to ensure various programs were available to youth and adults identified as at-risk.5'