b'T H A N K YO U FROM ACROSS THE ISL AND OF IREL ANDSPEEDPAK GROUP ARC FITNESSThe Ireland Funds has allowed us to ask for theGratitudeinaction.Weresendingaheartfelt resourcesweneednowandfortheforeseeablethank you to The Ireland Funds for its unwavering future. Not only has this investment improved oursupport and dedication to ARC. Your commitment service, efficiency, and profitability, it has providedis a beacon of hope to all those on their journey the methodology to train, provide work experience,to recovery.Support helped Arc Fitness serve individuals and improve the employability of long term unem-ployed people furthest from the labor market. battlingsubstance abuse in the North West of Ireland. Programs Support helped the Speedpak Group train adults with low formalimproved their mental and physical well-being through physical education to develop their IT skills in the workplace. activity, professional support, education, and community.OPERA COLLECTIVEYour generosity paves the way for positive change and empowers Irish-related causes worldwide. Everyone at Opera Collective Ireland thanks you for your support!Support helped Opera Collective ensure Irelands most promising young opera artists could thrive and develop. 16'