b'THANK YOUIn 2023, we marked the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland. Our donors have always understood the power and promise of peace and it remains a key pillar of our mission. Indeed, this organization was founded almost 50 years ago to bring a positive presence to Northern Ireland and we have heard time and again that this investment has made a profound difference. Our support continues for organizations strengthening lasting reconciliation across all communities. The Ireland Funds Heart of the Community Fund once again listened to the needs of hundreds of organizations across the island of Ireland. Together we ensured that the doors of organizations stayed open, hot meals and safe spaces were provided, and programs widening access to education were delivered. If you attended an event or supported The Ireland Funds with a donor-advised or unrestricted gift, you changed lives in 2023. Your love for this island and vibrant engagement with our mission truly make all of this possible. It is an honor to steward the philanthropic vision of our donors. That vision has created a living legacy of educational opportunities, cultural spaces, and community developments which will serve future generations to come.We hope you will take a moment to see within these pages some of the transformational work youve made possible. On behalf of the thousands of people whose lives have been improved by the work of The Ireland Funds, we thank you. Gene McQuadeCaitriona Fottrell ChairPresident & CEOThe Ireland Funds America The Ireland Funds11'