b'HOW DID WE DELIVER FOR THE ISLAND OF IRELAND IN 2023?Non-Financial Support for GranteesThankyoutoTheIrelandFunds.You arealwaysthere,especiallywhenwe need you most and your support goes 749 farbeyondfinancialassistance.We would be lost without you. AsIAm, Irelands autism charityWorkshopsThe Ireland Funds offers workshops to any organization applying to us for funding. We not only give guidance on applying, we offer guidance that can also be used when applying to other fundingbodies and donors to strengthen the organizations chances of success.VisibilityTheIrelandFundspromotestheworkoforganizationsitsupportsacrosssocialmediaand other platforms to share their stories and their impact. Social media, public relations support and fundraising partnerships help make sure great work gets seen by a wide audience.NetworkingThe Ireland Funds is known for its impactful philanthropy and for bringing people together. Our keen understanding of our donors interests and vision, along with our knowledge of the nonprofit sector, means we match transformational investments to the right projects at the right time.9'