b'THANK YOUIn2021,anincrediblychallengingyear,ourdonorspassionforIrelandand commitment to the mission of The Ireland Funds was transformative.TheIrelandFundscontinuedtosupportcommunitiesacrosstheislandof Ireland, North and South. Our Heart of the Community Fund provided critical and timely support to organizations supporting the most vulnerable in society. We worked closely with our donors to ensure their Donor Advised Gifts had themaximumimpactacrossabroadrangeofpriorities.TheIrelandFunds continued its investment in providing access to high-quality education through our scholarship programsNo Mind Left Behind and the George Moore Scholars.As we celebrated our 45th anniversary in 2021, it was clear that the level of commitment and compassion our donors have for the island of Ireland has never wavered. We are honored to be the stewards of that care and investment which improves so many lives and creates so many opportunities for growth.Were immensely grateful to you for helping sustain so many organizations throughout the year. Take a look at the headline numbers of 2021 and know that by joining with us, you made this possible.KIND REGARDS,Gene McQuadeCaitriona Fottrell Chair,President & CEO,The Ireland Funds America The Ireland Funds11'