b'T H E Y E A R I N N U M B E R S 2021STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIESYEARS ENDED DECEMBER 31, 2021 AND 2020 IN US$20212020 Revenue and SupportContributions18,320,554 15,440,803Fundraising Events, net * 2,978,0053,950,468Changes in Net Assets without Donor Restrictions: Net Assets Released 1,001,7781,416,877 Other 521 38,349Total Revenues and Support from Operating Activities22,300,85820,846,497 Changes in Net Assets with Donor Restrictions: Contributions & Net Assets Released (1,001,778) (1,366,877)Investment Income 2,280,256 1,700,072Total Revenues23,579,336 21,179,692Expenses Grant Awards 17,742,439 14,301,830 Other Program Services1,402,048 1,443,589 Total Program19,144,487 15,745,419Management and General Administrative 1,443,126 1,616,704 Fundraising 1,281,332 1,531,039 Total Expenses21,868,945 18,893,162 Change in Net Assets1,710,391 2,286,530 Net Assets at Beginning of Year19,285,940 16,999,410Net Assets at End of Year** 20,996,331 19,285,940 % of Contributions Revenue from the largest single contribution received in each year16%12% # of Organizations who received Grants from The Ireland Funds America in each year304208 Notes:* The impact of COVID 19 led to the cancellation of in person fundraising events in Q2-Q4, 2020** Endowment Balance at End of Year (included within Net Assets at End of Year)17,016,904 14,879,004 Grant Thornton, LLP, performed the 2013 2021 audits for The American Ireland Fund. To review our audited financial statements and IRS Forms 990, please visit irelandfunds.org19'