b'HOW DID WE DELIVER FOR THE ISLAND OF IRELAND IN 2021?Access to EducationE N O M P R O I G A D T E R H N B F L D I M N NoMindLeftBehindisaninitiativedesignedto givepromisingyoungpeoplefromareasofsocial disadvantageanopportunitytocompletethird- leveleducation. An annual scholarship is provided to cover the costs of books, accommodation, and other key expenses.StudentscomefromDEIS(Delivering Equality of Opportunity In Schools) schools, a program oftheDepartmentofEducationandSkillsaimedat lesseningeducationaldisadvantageinprimaryand second level education. 836,000AWARDED BY THE NO MIND LEFT BEHIND PROGRAM 209STUDENTS 41DEIS SCHOOLSRECEIVED A NO SELECTED TO RECEIVEMIND LEFT BEHIND SUPPORT THROUGH THESE SCHOLARSHIPSSCHOLARSHIP14'