b'3 Scholarships Since our founding, increasing access to and excellence in education has been a core tenet of ourphilanthropyfrom early learning intervention initiatives to scholarship programs that ensure our schools and universities reflect every aspect of Irish society, regardless of background.Our flagship scholarship programs are aimed at breaking down the barriers that Irish studentsfrom marginalized communities face in accessing education and helping exceptionally talentedstudents pursue their educational ambitions up to a masters level: No Mind Left Behind gives promising young students from areas of social disadvantage amulti-year scholarship to attend third level education. George Moore Scholars offers high value funding to academically talented students from all disciplines who wish to undertake a masters degree in the US, the UK, or Canada. These scholarships are funded by our donors, and in 2021 their generosity enabled The Ireland Fundsto award 256 scholarships.4 Special Grants & Strategic InitiativesIn certain circumstances, The Ireland Funds will make special grants to support initiatives that areof strategic importance to Ireland or the Irish diaspora. This includes funding to promote and nurture Irish arts and culture at home and abroad, supportfor Irish immigration centers that provide a range of social, legal and pastoral services, local grantsto communities that have given so much to The Ireland Funds, as well as grants made in times oftragedy or emergency. These timely, important and on occasion, urgent grants, are made possible by unrestricted gifts,and with proceeds generated from our events.17'