The Ireland Funds 2017 Flagship Grants

The Ireland Funds Flagship Grant Round identifies organizations that have impact in their field and have demonstrated innovation and effectiveness with prior support received.


Thank you to our Donors and the thousands of people that attend our events – your generosity is what enables these key investments in great work.


•  In 2017, 90 organizations submitted applications for Flagship Grants

•  11 finalists presented to The Ireland Funds Flagship Grants Panel

•  5 Flagship Grants were awarded

•  Over €450k total is invested in The Ireland Funds 2017 Flagship Grants


As 2017 Flagship Grant recipients, the following organizations will receive two years of financial and non-financial support that includes training, advice on fundraising, and opportunities to connect with members of The Ireland Funds’ network.


Video – The Ireland Funds Flagship Grants Overview – vol. 2 – 2018

Video – The Ireland Funds Flagship Grants Overview – vol. 1 – 2018

Blossom Ireland

Blossom Ireland works with children with intellectual disabilities aged 8 to 18 years and their families through fun, affordable, innovative, inclusive activities. Based in Dublin, they provide therapy-led camps and after school activities, including life skills and social skills programmes.

The Ireland Funds’ Flagship Grant will allow Blossom Ireland to roll out Blossom Gateway, a community and employment engagement programme for teens aged 16-18 with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. This programme will allow teens to gain practical experience and invaluable life skills to support them as they enter adulthood.

Integrated Education Fund

The Ireland Funds have been proud supporters of Integrated Education for more than 30 years. Integrated schools educate children of all faiths and cultural backgrounds together in Northern Ireland to instil qualities of respect, tolerance and conflict resolution. The Integrated Education Fund (IEF) is a significant financial support to the establishment of new schools, the growth of existing schools and those schools seeking to become integrated through what is known as the ‘transformation’ process.

Integrate My School is a campaign spearheaded by IEF to empower parents who want their child’s school to become integrated. provides a digital platform for registration promotes transformation and steers those schools who wish to pursue it. The Ireland Funds’ Flagship Grant will enable the Integrate My School campaign to make transformation accessible, understandable and achievable in NI.

Irish Film Institute

The Irish Film Institute (IFI) is Ireland’s national cultural institution for film, comprising three core activities: Exhibit, Preserve and Educate.

The Ireland Funds’ Flagship Grant will enable the IFI to undertake a major cultural, heritage preservation and access project – known as the IFI Digital Preservation and Access Strategy. The key aim of this project is to save critically at-risk material of culturally-significant documentary films spanning three decades, and making them freely available to view on the online IFI Player for a worldwide audience. The Ireland Funds is committed to joining the IFI in its’ mission to preserve the past for the future generations to come.

Irish Men’s Sheds Association

The Irish Men’s Sheds Association (IMSA) is a community-based, non-profit, space for men of all ages to gather in a friendly environment where they can work on interesting projects – all with the goal of reducing social isolation, enhancing community cohesion and improving the health and wellbeing of men throughout Ireland.

The Ireland Funds’ Flagship Grant will support the Irish Men’s Sheds Association as it implements a Shed Support Programme, which will allow it to better support the growing network of 440+ Men’s Sheds throughout Ireland. Through this support, the implementation of a National Volunteer Programme will see some 40 volunteers engaged and trained to liaise directly between sheds and IMSA’s head office.


Speedpak Group is a social enterprise which was set up in 1995 in response to high long-term unemployment in disadvantaged communities. Speedpak provides a bridge to employment through accredited training and commercial work experience.

The Ireland Funds’ Flagship Grant will support the work of Speedpak to develop an Enhanced Skills Traineeship Programme targeted at logistics/manufacturing for young people Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEETs) to bring them from a low education and work experience base to quality employment.

Photos: (clockwise from left) Blossom Ireland, Speedpak Group, Irish Men’s Sheds Association (IMSA), The Irish Film Institute (IFI), Integrated Education Fund (IEF)

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