b'201384 Cover Project 201384 Cover 201384 ConnectCover_Optimized~P.pdf 12_21_2020SPRING/SUMMER 2020THEHERITAGESOCIETY P R O G R E S S T H R O U G H P H I L A N T H R O P YConnect2020Make a Lasting Gift to Ireland M M U S / E N I R P S G RThe Ireland Funds America has over 40 years of experience connecting philanthropic vision JOIN THE HERITAGE SOCIETY TO ENSURE THAT YOUR with initiatives that make a difference. Your lasting partnership with The Ireland Funds America LOVE OF IRELAND BENEFITS GENERATIONS TO COME.builds a bridge between the past and the future, helping ensure the work you value today will continue to make a difference tomorrow. The Ireland Funds America can help you identify the best options to fulfill your philanthropic vision. Bequests are the most popular and flexible planned gifts. It is a simple matter to include a bequest to The Ireland Funds America directly in your will or in a codicil to your will. In addition to bequests, there are many other tax-efficient options to choose from: GIFT OF SECURITIES REAL ESTATE GIFTS OF LIFE INSURANCE LIFE INCOME GIFTS GIFTS OF PERSONAL PROPERTY, SUCH AS ART WORK, RARE BOOKS, ETC.In many cases, The Ireland Funds America may not be aware that you are considering including us in your estate plans. Please contact us to let us know of your intentions so that we may, in turn, acknowledge and recognize your future contributions. Your legacy will be treated with care.WE INVITE YOU TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW TO CREATE A LASTING LEGACY FOR IRELAND. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:David Cronin, President & CEO of The Ireland Funds America 2020New Leadership for The Ireland Funds America345 Park Avenue, Floor 17, New York NY 10154T2126893100Edcronin@irelandfunds.orgThe American Ireland Fund (dba The Ireland Funds America) is a 501c3 nonprofit recognized by the IRS. Contributions are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law.WWW.IRELANDFUNDS.ORG'